Socialhype Instagram & Twitter Automator.

Download today to experience an AI driven automation platform which makes it easy to grow your social accounts while keeping safe from temp blocks and bans! Use 7 pre-set algorithms/campaigns designed to replicate human behavior, and accessed via your browser on your home computer network. This new system avoids login issues and proxies completely, making sure your activities look as natural as possible.


Increase Your Engagement

SocialHype users get between 100-200% more engagement on their content in just the first month on the platform. We also increase your post lifetime from an average of 72 hours to upwards of 2 weeks.

Individually Customisable

Leave your account in the hands of 7 different campaign modes custom designed to maximise your daily engagement while avoiding temp bans and blocks via advanced AI ensuring you don’t hit daily limits and make your activity look as human as possible.


We guarantee Socialhype is the cheapest, most effective Instagram Engagement Service on the internet. Download our new software with a low upfront fee and an even lower weekly subscription, and use it as much as you want, with as many accounts as you want. Your subscription covers all future software updates, available as soon as they go live!

Grow Your Account

SocialHype users average between 10-150 organic follows every single day. These are 100% real people who are not only interested in your account, but likely to continue liking your posts in the future. Even if you cancel your subscription, you don’t lose any of your new followers.


Socialhype Automator runs securely on your home network – no need to submit your passwords online or rely on proxies to ensure your account is secure. The Automator uses a browser login which is virtually undetectable and uses AI to emulate human-like behavior. Our new system allows you to actually watch the bot work live within a browser with our revolutionary ‘Debug Mode’.

Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, and Socialhype users are at the forefront. Higher engagement and more followers creates a direct dollar value for your account. Premium users will receive exclusive access to Influencer platforms as their accounts grow.

How it works

Let us explain.

Register and pay with PayPal

Once you have registered, you will be sent a link to download the desktop app (Windows and Mac OS) as well as your unique license code. Your payment profile is kept within PayPal so you have complete control of payments.

Add your Instagram Account

Fill in all of the account details (that stay on your computer) and the type of engagement campaign you wish to run. There are multiple options incuding follow/unfollow, like and comment

Choose your A.I. Mode and Press Start!

and then you’re live! Pressing start opens up a Chrome browser which replicates human interaction on your Instagram account. Just keep your browser open to keep this activity going.

Prefer an Online System?

We've developed this software after people asked us to develop a secure and almost un traceable automation app that runs locally. But we also have our original cloud based solution if this works better for you.


Pick the best plan for you

$5 per week

  • Full featured Socialhype Automater including Instagram & Twitter software.
  • Cancel anytime free of charge
  • Unmimited Accounts
  • All software updates delivering direct to your inboxr
  • 7 Unique automation settings with AI anti-detection
  • New Live Mode allowing you to watch the activity as it happens
  • Supercharged Account Growth.
  • All activities done on local network using Chrome browsers.
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